Spring from the Inside Out with Home Additions

While it may seem like spring will never arrive this year and that we’ve been hibernating inside four walls that get closer together every day, you can bring in spring by bringing a sense of openness to your home. Give your home that airy, fresh feeling with some renovations that will provide more physical space and give you room to breathe. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can give your home that “openness” you crave.

  • Consider an open floor plan. Tear down walls between your  kitchen and dining room or kitchen and family room so that  you can spend time with family and friends while still getting meals prepared in the kitchen.
  • Open up a closed foyer or family room by making the ceiling taller and adding some large windows. High ceilings always  give the feeling of a more spacious room.
  • Add a skylight to your kitchen or bath to bring natural light inside and give the illusion of more space.
  • Add lighting to dark spaces in your home. Whether it’s natural light from new windows or a French door, or simply redesigning your indoor lighting plan, it will provide a fresh, open feeling in a previously dark area.
  • Try a sliding glass door to open onto your deck or a French door to open into a sunroom. These doors will invite light and heat from the sun in cold weather and they can be a great source of additional ventilation in the warmer months.
  • Make a wall of windows or create a sun room. By adding light from the outside, you’ll bring nature inside and be ready for spring when it finally does arrive.