Specialized Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Remodel in Arlington, VA

Some people would go as far as to build an addition to their home to get a sizable kitchen pantry. A cook’s dream pantry is like the closet space of a clothing and shoe addict. It’s big enough for you to walk in and experience your possessions stored, as well as displayed, all around you. In this case we’re talking canned goods, paper products and non-perishable items. If you have the space – and many residents of Arlington, VA, do – you can include some pretty sizable storage solutions when you remodel your kitchen. Usually, the pantry allows easy access to all the non-perishable food items. It gives you extra space for buying and storing food in bulk. A great pantry can also be a storage place for rarely used appliances like food processors or blenders. Why eat up precious counter space with these gadgets out in the open? They’ll just collect dust, anyway. Tell your custom builder how you would use the space of a pantry. He’ll give you some solutions that will work.

Another ingenious place for storage is in a bench seat in the kitchen. If your renovation includes a nook area, you can conserve space by putting a bench seat on the wall or in a bay window niche. It’s a strategic use of space, and because it’s a custom-built bench, it can have storage space inside.

Peninsulas that jut out of the wall are also great for freeing up storage space. The peninsula will have cabinetry underneath it, allowing for as many as four sections of cabinets. These are additions to your existing cabinets, and can be used to store little-used appliances, serving dishes and seasonal tableware. The peninsula also provides more counter space in the kitchen.