Speak Up, Be Heard!

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel and your custom builder isn’t keeping up with the promised schedule. Everything seems to be taking longer than planned and your family is feeling the fallout.  What do you do? Don’t just grin and bear it or roll your eyes and complain to the neighbours. If you’re not satisfied with something on a remodeling project, speak up to your builder immediately!  Don’t let it fester. If the builder has 10 items on a list to discuss with you and you have one more, say so. Make yourself heard. If the builder doesn’t know about what’s bothering you, how can he correct it?  

Presumably, you hired your builder because you felt you could have a good working relationship with them.  Like any relationship, it takes work and open communication to be successful. Your builder wants to hear both the good and the bad.  You’re both working toward the same goal of a successful remodeling project, so if there are bumps in the road – and there will be – speak up right away!  Listen to your gut, because it’s probably right. Even if you don’t discover the flaw until after the final walk-through, make it a point to communicate to your builder.  A good builder will make it right and it will make you both satisfied with the outcome.