Solving the Mysteries Behind the Walls of a Custom Remodeling Project


Every job has a hidden mystery. Whether it’s an uneven floor that was never corrected in the original building or a leak behind the wall that has been dripping for months, every home has secrets that need to be unveiled before a custom remodeling project will be completely satisfactory. We allow for these instances when we consult with our clients. Because TCB is an experienced design-build firm, we often discover these mysteries when we meet one-on-one with you and see your remodeling project, and any work to correct them is included in our project estimates. Experience has also taught us that the possibility of hidden issues is real, and they need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Sometimes, drilling into a wall is the only way to find the things that lurk behind it. Not only do we need to find the studs in the wall and know which walls are load bearing, we need to keep access open to any wiring or pipe behind the walls. In a kitchen remodel, for example, something as simple as a cabinet upgrade may be thwarted by a wiring system. If the homeowner is installing 30-inch cabinets with a bulkhead above them, and we drill into the wall and find electrical wiring or plumbing behind it, we’ll need to delay mounting those cabinets and discuss the options for a solution with the homeowner. In this case, it might mean taking steps to reconfigure the wiring or plumbing so that it is accessible through the bulkhead or so that it is no longer housed behind the bulkhead. It’s important that we find and solve these mysteries as soon as possible, because the deeper into the project we get, the more it will cost to correct them.

Our goal is to satisfy the customer with a quality, detailed custom remodeling project. Part of our quality work includes solving the mysteries behind your walls.