Size Does Matter

Size does matter…in a kitchen remodeling project, that is. While there are lots of options for bigger kitchens, what do you do when space is at a premium? Certified kitchen designers categorize kitchen sizes into three groups: under 150 sq. ft. — small; 150-350 sq. ft. – medium, and over 350 sq. ft. – large. If you’re working with a small kitchen, you still need to make sure you have adequate storage space and work space. Often, your countertops serve as storage space because cabinet space is at a premium. According to Professional Remodeler Magazine, counter space near the sink should be at least three feet wide by two feet deep to serve as a preparation area. The magazine also recommended at least 400 inches of storage space located within six feet of the sink in a small kitchen.

In addition, look for efficiency of floor plan in a small kitchen. If you like to cook for family and friends, then make sure your kitchen has ample room for two cooks. If cooking is a chore, then you’re looking more for convenience. If you simply aren’t getting what you need in the space you have, consider completely changing your living space by extending the kitchen into the dining room or family room for additional space. Work with your professional remodeler to make the size you have matter.