Signs of Spring in the Remodeling Market — Home and Garden Shows

Home shows and home and garden shows are opening around the area – sure signs that Spring is on its way. These shows attract thousands of customers and hundreds of vendors selling everything from concrete and roofing supplies to pools and fertilizer. You’ll find builders and kitchen cabinet companies, bath fitters and plumbers. All have something to offer to both the do-it-yourself-er and the person who is hiring a custom remodeler.

You’ll find a wealth of ideas for remodeling. Often, you can see in person the things you’ve tagged in your on-line idea books or your folder of cut-out pictures. Home shows give you a good visual reference to help you make decisions about style, color and design. They often give you confidence that you can save the money and do it yourself. Unless you are a professional handyman in real life and have lots of spare time to devote to a remodeling job, when it comes right down to it, you really need a good contractor to get the job done.

He should come highly recommended for his work. He should see your individual situation and spend time talking with you about your renovation ideas. No builder on a show floor will be able to give you a price on the spot – beware of anyone who does. Use these shows as a springboard for ideas and a network of opportunities. Also keep an open mind and look for the best professional to do the job. You get what you pay for and cheap is definitely not the same as cost-effective