Shower Power

In your master suite bathroom remodel, your choices are as unlimited as your imagination.  One of the most popular trends is the frameless glass shower.  These shower doors or enclosures are meant to open up the bathroom and showcase bold, intricate tile work and sparkling, unique fixtures.  They make the bathroom look larger and give it an updated, contemporary flair.  The thick glass is easy to clean precisely because it is frameless and there are no nooks and crannies to harbor slime and mold.  Glass is usually about three-eighths to one-half inch thick, and very heavy, yet it supports its own weight without a frame.  The doors are usually hinged to open out of the shower, vs. sliding on a track.  Today’s glass manufacturers are also lending a variety of options to the marketplace, with tinted glass, tempered glass, etching and more.

Be sure to have your frameless shower professionally installed.  Custom remodelers will know how to drain the shower properly, install it with the right curb, and mount the doors so that they truly do support their own weight.