Tear Down or Remodel Your House? Let’s Discuss

We see it all over the country – suburban homes that are within close commuting distance to a major city. The houses are tiny, yet the mortgage is frightening. It’s the location that’s worth so much money. The price is in exchange for the convenience to mass transit and the ease of getting into the city, as well as established schools and entertainment opportunities. Most of the time these houses simply do not offer enough space for a modern suburban family. What’s the solution? You could move further out into the suburbs and have a longer commute, which equals less time with your family enjoying your bigger home. You could tear down the small home and rebuild a larger one on the postage stamp-sized lot, or you could remodel your existing home and, if lot space permits, include a home addition.

Remodel or tear down

If you own a home that has a great structure positioned on a valuable piece of land, don’t discount the remodeling option. Moving and realtors are expensive. Demolition is expensive. Remodeling might be a good solution to your dilemma. You can still expand outward or upward if you have the property to do it. A custom remodeler will be able to help you plan your effort. It might be a matter of opening up the floor plan of a home that has a formal living room and dining room and creating a great room. Or, perhaps it’s combining two smaller bedrooms upstairs into one master bedroom, then creating another set of children’s rooms that include a Jack and Jill bathroom. The point is, there are unlimited remodeling solutions for smaller homes that can make them seem much more spacious, while still maintaining the home’s valuable location. An experienced custom remodeler can make that property even more desirable with an updated home addition and personalized remodel. Contact TCB today to see how.