Shed Some Light On Your Remodeling Project

When it comes to lighting, more is better. From recessed lighting to chandelier lighting, don’t forget to shed some light on your newly remodeled space.

According to an article in a recent issue of Remodeling Magazine, interior design is trending back to nine-foot ceilings and away from two-story foyers and family rooms, but a dramatic lighting statement can still be made. Experts recommend placing pendant lights closer to the ceiling and using groupings of lights in one-, two- or three-light patterns. In addition, the article proposes LED lighting technology for spaces with little to no daylight. The latest LED lights have the look and feel of a window or skylight, and they are designed to use 80 percent less energy than incandescent lighting.

Areas meant for work such as kitchen counters in a kitchen remodel or bathroom vanity areas in abathroom remodel, should have task lighting, or some direct lighting that makes it easy to see the task at hand. Dimmers are a great addition to any lighting plan, because they can make lights more flexible. Dimmers can create mood lighting by keeping the wattage down, or they can create task lighting, by becoming brighter and easier on the eye.

The beauty of lighting is the ability to have them and use them when needed. More is, in fact, better.