Selecting the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel

You’re ready to update your bathroom and you have all the amenities planned – frameless glass shower, rain shower head, his and hers sinks, maybe even a heated floor. But what about the toilet? It needs as much thought as anything else in the bathroom, if not more. It is, in fact, the main reason for the bathroom. You could simply install a common toilet, but when there are so many choices, why not go for something special?

Think about who will be using the bathroom after it is remodeled. Choose something that is aesthetically pleasing both in appearance and functionality, and something that will meet the needs of the users. Always consider flush power, toilet shape and height, and water saving features.

Flush Power – This is important so that you can be sure the toilet removes all of the waste products efficiently and you don’t have to use twice as much water by flushing twice. Flush power also helps to keep the toilet running smoothly and prevents clogs.

toilet for bathroom remodel

Shape and Height – Shape of the toilet is a personal preference. Elongated toilets tend to be more comfortable because the seat is bigger and shaped more like a human. Round bowl toilets take up less space in the bathroom. Soft-close covers are always appreciated, because you won’t need to hear the banging of the seat in the middle of the night or worry that the dog’s snout got caught between the bowl and the seat as it came crashing down. Height of the toilet is also personal preference. Comfort height is a bit taller than the conventional height of a toilet, making it easier to get up and down from the seat. This is especially good for home-owners who want to “age in place” or who have bad backs, knees or legs. The toilet is higher and requires less leverage to rise from it. There is even a power-assist seat that you can add for a premium price. Or, you can choose a wall-mounting toilet to give you additional height options.

Water Saving Features – Read about what the toilet offers in water saving features – does it run for more or less time after a flush? Does it use half as much water as a traditional toilet? How important is water conservation to you? Do you have a home with a septic system and wish to conserve?

No matter what amenities you choose in a toilet, stick with a good brand name, like American Standard, Kohler or Toto. These are going to be more reliable than lesser known brands, and the parts for them will be more robust and available.

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