Seeing Is Believing

If you’re hesitating on a home remodeling project because you simply can’t visualize it, or you’re afraid your professional remodeler won’t be able to execute your vision, you’re not alone. That first step toward remodeling is the hardest one. If you even think you have an idea about a new look for your bathroom, kitchen, basement or family room, start collecting pictures from magazines and the internet showing elements that you like. Also collect pictures of designs and items that you don’t like. Keep them in a file for a month or two. When you finally make the call to a custom remodeler, bring the file with you to the first meeting.

The contractor you hire should not only look at these pictures and listen to your ideas, he should also ask some important questions. Why do you want to remodel? How do you currently use the space? How would you like to use the space? What is your family’s lifestyle? (i.e. non-stop busy, calm, entertain frequently, movie watchers, etc.) Your honest answers to these questions will give your contractor the information he needs to create your vision in a drawing or elevation that you can see. Often the contractor will introduce a designer or architect to help create the space. These professionals will provide elevations, or drawings, of the plan. The plans are usually done on computers using three-dimensional imaging. These plans help everyone visualize the end product and serve as a guide for construction. Your collection of pictures will be incorporated, and voila! In the end you usually have an even better space than you imagined!