Satisfaction in Action

What would make you call your custom remodeler back for a second or third job? What would make you recommend him to a friend? Complete satisfaction is the answer.

People base their identification of satisfaction on a number of things that the professional remodeler is or should be doing. Good communication is probably the number one factor – being accessible, returning phone calls, and making sure to listen to the customer as well as provide input on the customer’s ideas. Giving good explanations and providing an accurate schedule and budget are also part of good communication. Sticking to that schedule and budget and communicating clearly and immediately when something changes, is a professional way to do business.

Whether or not the remodeler performed to your standards will also dictate your level of satisfaction. Did he set your expectations at the beginning of the job and did he meet those expectations in the end? Finally, honesty and integrity are two traits that are paramount. Do you trust the remodeler? Do you trust the sub-contractors he’s hired to be in your home? Does he do business in an open and honest manner? The remodeler and his team should always be respectful of you and your home.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a professional remodeler who provides you with total satisfaction, by all means, recommend him to friends and have him come back for other jobs – no question.