Retire to the Master Suite

If you don’t have a first floor master suite and you expect to stay in your home through retirement, think again. You can literally retire to a first floor master suite. It will be convenient as you age, because you will avoid stairs and potential falls or struggles getting up them. It will be a barrier-free space that will be safe for you. The upstairs space can be saved for guests – they’ll feel like they’re on vacation at a swanky resort if they get a master bedroom and bathroom to themselves. You will have your full living space on the first floor.

Your new master suite can be as simple or as intricate as you like. It should, of course, have a master bath integrated into it with curb-less shower, grab bars and seats. It can have wide access doors and non-slip tile, separate sink and toilet areas and accessible cabinetry and storage space. Your suite can also have a sitting area for reading, enjoying the sunlight, or watching television. Create your living quarters to fit your lifestyle. You can make your home into a place you can retire to – literally.