Remodeling With All the Bells and Whistles

When you decide on a kitchen or bathroom remodel or even a home addition, you’ve likely been saving your “treasure” so you can get the little extras you want. Maybe those include custom woodworking or high-end fixtures. Or, maybe they include “smart home” products like a central control system for HVAC, electronics, lighting and blinds – all controlled at the touch of a button. Whatever your plans may be, remember the reasons you’re spending your “treasure” on this new remodeling effort. If the additions make your life easier, more luxurious or more efficient, then it’s money well-spent. Or, if they fulfill a need, they’re worth it. Working with a general contractor can help you get these additions in any part of your home.

Consider these products featured in Qualified Remodeler Magazine that might weasel their way onto your list – some are luxuries and others are downright wacky – but if they work for you, we say, “Go for it!”

  • Lighted cabinetry for your kitchen or bath resulting from LED lights on a tape, complete with wiring;
  • Pullout kitchen faucets with a self-retracting system;
  • Vinyl, tinted windows in your choice of eight colors, that can be single-hung, casement, horizontal rolling or fixed;
  • A singing dishwasher that plays piano tunes when turned on and after completing a wash cycle;
  • A lighted toilet seat that features a lighted hinge for just enough bathroom light to get the job done;
  • Wood floors made from wine barrels, with red and white wines soaked into the wood to give it a rich color;
  • Heated stone countertops with low-profile heaters that attach to the underside of the counter and provide heating that can be timed set.