Remodeling for Resale

If you’re considering selling your home within the next few years but feel like you have to get it “spruced up” and ready for buyers, consider the things that will get you a better return.  There are many different types of buyers, and while you can’t expect to attract all of them, the types of remodeling projects you do now may appeal to certain segments of the buying market later.

We all know that kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling are the two biggest areas that impact home buyers.   Women, who ultimately influence the buying decision in over 90 percent of the cases, are looking for great kitchens and baths.  Specifically, an open area around the kitchen that connects to the family room or main gathering space is a sought-after feature.  People like to be able to cook and be part of the interaction at the same time.  Cooks don’t want to be isolated to the kitchen and pop out with the turkey under the silver dome when it’s dinner time.  

Older buyers who might be downsizing, yet looking for a home where they can age in place, are another group that you can consider when remodeling.  They’re looking for fewer stairs – both on entering a home and within the home, as well as low-maintenance exteriors.  A first-floor master suite is also a great feature for this group.  

The eco-friendly buyer looks for energy-efficient construction, heating and ventilating systems.  They’ll look for greenconstruction, including homes with windows for solar heating.  Remodeling for resale can mean different things to different people, but simply being “updated” will get them in the door.