Remodeling as a Result of Summer Storms

When the lightning flashes and the golf-ball-sized hail is coming down in the northern Virginia area, make it a point to protect your home and property from storm damage. This means keeping a close eye on summer storms and weather forecasts. It means keeping doors and windows closed during the storm, checking that your sump pump is working and not overflowing (and exterior drain is free of leaves), and it also means repairing damage as quickly as possible to avoid rust or erosion of materials. Outdoors, you can look for wind damage to your roof and shingles, water damage in any of the newer areas and hail divots in siding. If the damage is severe enough, you should consult a home remodeling specialist who can actually install a new roof, new windows or new siding.

Your custom remodeler should recommend the best course of action for you, based on the extent of the damage.  Always work with a custom remodeler or local Northern Virginia builder whose reputation you know and trust. It has been proven that people called “storm runners” follow storms and use door-to-door sales tactics to try to get you to use their repair service. While they come in with great prices, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Expensive items like roofs, shingles, siding and windows should be good for the life of the home, but sometimes they do need to be replaced. Explore your options before committing to such a job, check references before you hire – and remember that your insurance company is a for-profit company. This is not a job you want to wind up half-finished because the contractor ran out of town to the next storm, or because your insurance company convinced you to accept less than you deserve.

Your custom remodeler protects your home and remodeled interior from summer storm damage by helping you to be prepared and helping you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.