Realistic Kitchen Trends for 2013

Despite the “retro rage” or the mix-and-match ideas for kitchen cabinetry and countertops that are being described on top design websites, some practical ideas still win out for most people considering a kitchen remodel.  Here’s our take on the trends for 2013 in kitchen remodeling, based on our customers’ preferences and requests:

  • Wood floors in kitchens will continue to increase in popularity and even be preferable over ceramic tile.  Wood floors are warmer, more comfortable and easier on the legs and feet.   
  • Granite and solid surface materials will be in demand, especially in higher end homes.  
  • Open kitchens that unify other spaces will continue to be trendsetters.  Getting rid of that never-used dining room to make the kitchen bigger is a remodeling effort better than an addition, and more cost-effective, too.  
  • More kitchen remodeling projects will include new cabinetry.  You practically live in your kitchen, so cabinetry needs to be efficient – both in layout and in storage.  Get rid of older cabinets or builder-grade cabinetry and remodel with space-efficient cabinets that have features like cupboards with pull-out drawers, corner cabinets with lazy susans and no blind corners.  Plan for 48-inch tall cabinets and eliminate the wasted space of bulkheads.  That extra top shelf is ideal for storing items you use only once or twice a year.
  • Efficient pantry cabinets that allow lots of storage space can add to an already attractive kitchen and create even a more spacious feeling.
  • More lighting – from task lighting to track lighting – will continue to be important.  While dimmers can add atmosphere, good lighting simply makes the kitchen more functional.