Ramifications of the Remodeling Rebound

According to the Remodeling Association, the market is on the rebound. For contractors, this means increased business and juggling several jobs at one time. It means good things for the industry and the individual remodelers. What does it mean to you? As you can probably guess, it means increased wait time to get a remodeling project scheduled. Contractors are busy on various jobs and you’ll probably wait both for estimates and for a spot on the remodeler’s calendar. A good market means a win-win situation for everyone, but it also means careful planning on your part. If you’re planning to remodel this fall or winter and want a reputable contractor, you need to make some decisions quickly. Most contractors are working three to four months out. If you schedule now, you’ll avoid the frustration of having to put off that addition, and you’ll also avoid any price hikes or inflationary measures. As demand goes up, so do material prices. If you lock in your commitment now, you can realize quite a bit of savings. The outlook is positive, but so is the demand.

Once you’ve committed to a contractor, you’ll have time to make the critical decisions. Even though the contractor may not be on site with you for a few months, he can still guide you to the right selections and offer ideas on how your vision will translate into reality. Take the time to communicate. Help your remodeler stay on his timeline by giving him the necessary feedback within the given deadlines. And be ready for your remodel to be completed before you know it!