R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Here Is What It Means To Me

Little things can make a big difference.  Attention to detail.  Respecting your home and property.  Being honest about costs, materials and dirt.  Offering advice on custom remodeling. No  high-pressure sales tactics.  

These are all part of being respectful to a client.  Most of it is just common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many contractors don’t use it.  Respect equals professionalism.  If your contractor is professional, he can’t help but be respectful.  Not only should your contractor be respectful, you should expect his workers to be so, as well.  They should not be smoking on your property, drinking alcohol or using inappropriate language.

Your contractor should supply you with a standard of work agreement that holds his crew accountable not only for their work, but also their behaviour.  The crew will show respect by keeping your home and your yard clean while they are working there – both daily and at the completion of the job.  They should remove any hazardous materials and pick up any nails or screws.

Talk to your contractor and observe how he treats you, how he looks and how he pays attention to detail.  Evaluate his professionalism.  It will go a long way to having a good relationship that’s profitable for both of you.