Protect and Respect

When you choose a builder for a remodeling project, naturally you want to feel comfortable that the building team will take good care of your home and your property.  There are many times when you’ll need to provide access to your home and you won’t be there during the work times.  You must give the building team a certain level of trust.
First, you need to feel comfortable with the on-site supervisor, or lead man.  Any reputable builder assigns a person to be on the job from start to finish, and to be on-site with all the workers.  This person is responsible not only for the work, but also for the safety and protection of the home.  That means locking doors when leaving the site, not leaving trash or materials on the lawn or around the house, and making sure the home is secured even during working hours.  It also means respecting the homeowners’ possessions, including those that are built-in to the house.  Finished floors should be covered with tarps or drop cloths so that they are not scratched or marred during the renovation process.  Carpets should be covered to prevent stains.  Whether these floors and carpets are in the remodeling area or in areas that lead to it, they should be carefully covered.
In preparing for renovations, the homeowner should remove any accessories or furniture from the renovation area.  Consider covering everything in nearby rooms with plastic or a cloth.  Renovating causes dust.  If you don’t want dust in the crevices and drawers of your furniture, move it out!  It’s up to you to relocate your living area to minimize the effects of renovation.  Remember, builders are not movers – don’t expect them to move furniture.  If they do, they will usually give you a clear disclaimer: Not responsible for any damage.
Ask questions about how the builder will protect your property.  Check his insurance coverage

in case of any loss or damage.  Once you’re satisfied, let the job move forward, confident that both you and your possessions will be respected.