Plumb Plumbing in Your Kitchen Remodel

The word, “plumb” comes from the Latin “plumbum” which means “lead.” If something is “plumb” in building terms, it means it’s straight vertically, or perpendicular to the floor. To plumb something means to drop a lead weight on a string down a vertical axis. The plumber is technically one who works with lead. Or, we could make the leap that he is a leader (pronounced, “leeder,”) because he drops a leader (or lead piece) down the pipe. You should hire a professional contractor who has a professional plumber who will be among the leading subcontractors in your kitchen remodel.

Somere-plumbing will happen in every kitchen remodeling project, even if you’re not moving the sink. Pipes become antiquated, water lines weaken and joints become loose. Re-plumbing will check all of the existing pipes and replace any deteriorated pipes and valves to prevent leaks or ruptures.

Plumbing and Kitchen Remodeling

The plumbing in the kitchen will link the sink, the garbage disposal and the dishwasher. Think of it as the “input” and “output” of an audio/video system. Each piece has input and output lines, and they are connected to move water and food waste in the right direction – through the disposal. If your sink is bubbling up with waste water when the dishwasher runs, something is wrong in the connection. Or, if your dishwasher has a build-up of food particles in its catch net, check the connection to the disposal. Your disposal should have one-half or three-fourths horsepower to be effective.

Insist that the plumber install certain new water lines when doing the plumbing for the kitchen remodel. This means the line to the dishwasher and to the refrigerator/freezer. Or, even if you’re just getting a new dishwasher or refrigerator, ask for a new water line. New shut off valves should also be installed to prevent water leakage. All too often these details are overlooked and the homeowners are surprised when the water line bursts due to aging, and they end up with water in their brand new kitchen!

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