Plan 2017 Remodeling Projects


Don’t wait until the New Year to start a home remodeling project. Start now. Begin by contacting custom builders before the end of 2016. Here’s why:

  • Often, builders’ calendars open up a bit in December and January, and by making your appointment now, you just might get a space earlier in the year. Spring is traditionally a very busy time for builders and it’s hard to get their attention, let alone get on their books.
  • Costs for materials may rise in the New Year, so if you plan now, you can get items ordered at 2016 prices. Items can ship after the holiday season and still arrive in time for your remodel.
  • January and February are dreary winter months in northern Virginia, and a remodeling project can be just the incentive you need to keep your spirits up.
  • Indoor remodeling projects are best done in the colder months because they are under cover and not subject to weather constraints.
  • Builders are planning their businesses now for the New Year, and any advance notice of projects is always welcome.
  • You will have more time to consider your choices and make selections of cabinets, appliances and flooring materials if you plan ahead and set reasonable deadlines.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy your home addition or remodel for most of 2017 if you get it done early in the year.