Painting Your Kitchen Remodel


Painting can be challenging from every angle. Choosing the right color and the right paint requires time, patience and imagination. The kitchen offers a huge palette of color choices – the floor, tile and cabinetry all present a different hue. The paint choice can blend, complement or contrast these elements and can make a statement about your preferences. If you particularly like a color in your granite counter tops, pull it out in a paint color. If you want to have a monochromatic look to your walls, match the tile backsplash color. The possibilities are endless. Start with the item that you like best, then decide how you will emphasize it.

The type of paint you choose for the kitchen is also important. Semi-gloss paint that is easy to clean works for kitchen walls – especially those that are near the stove and sink. Semi-gloss allows any spatters, spills or splashes to be wiped away with minimal effort. Don’t use semi-gloss on ceilings or large wall areas, because it will show any imperfections or unevenness in the surface.

Prepare the walls in the kitchen just as you would in any other room. Tape off the edges around cabinets, countertops and tile to avoid getting paint splatters on them and to get as close to the edge as possible. It’s a good idea to paint a primer coat on the walls behind cabinets prior to mounting. This tactic not only helps with the edging and color consistency, it also prevents a cloud of construction dust from the bare dry wall when you close the cabinet doors for the first few days!