Opening the Door to Outdoor Living

Three-season additions are gaining popularity.  That is, sun rooms, patios and decks with added outdoor kitchens or dining areas that can be used in spring, summer and fall – even in mild winter months – are the newest additions we’re seeing throughout the area.  Although these would seem to be more popular in the south, where the weather is more cooperative, even northern states are jumping on the outdoor trend.  Remodeling Magazine notes that a St. Louis-based remodeler admits his outdoor-only projects have increased from two percent to four percent in the last year, and that 40 percent of his projects touch on outdoor living.  

The key to outdoor remodeling is seamlessly integrating the new “room” into the original house.  It should transition as smoothly as if it were an indoor addition.  This can be done through strategic lighting, similar-textured or colored flooring, and an extension of the indoor design theme.  It should also be reasonably priced for the location and be able to “weather the weather,” so to speak.  Finally, the products need to meet the local building code and be approved by homeowners associations.  Checking these things before beginning the outdoor remodeling project will keep the door from closing with a bang.