Open Up!

Open space in a home is becoming a fitting part of today’s lifestyles.  The open space is the gathering space – both for families and for entertaining.  It unites us and provides that casual atmosphere of being together.  Entertaining is becoming more casual and PLACE “ MOST” the hosts want to be with their guests, not quarantined to the kitchen.

Custom remodelers are finding many requests for a central gathering space that combines the family room and kitchen.  For everyday living, this space gives parents access to what children are watching on TV or on the computer.  It gives children access to parents for conversation and homework help, while parents can be multi-tasking to make dinner or pack tomorrow’s lunches.  For entertaining, it gives a casual atmosphere, allows more people to pitch in helping the hosts, and simply lets traffic flow better.  With a great room, everyone has the opportunity to be together.

A family room or kitchen remodel that includes an open space makes the home feel more roomy, yet cozy.