Not Just A Kitchen Any More

The kitchen is not just a kitchen any more. Today’s kitchen is the hub of the house. It’s where people want to gather – to cook, visit, socialize, and to be in the center of the action. The kitchen is one of the top three remodeling jobs that will bring a significant return on investment – whether you’re selling your home or not. If you’re selling, the kitchen is the most important room in the house and can make or break a deal. Updated appliances, cabinetry and flooring are always appreciated by buyers in the real estate market. If you’re not selling, your return on investment is your own satisfaction and the lifestyle change you get by using your newly remodeled kitchen.

That’s really the primary reason you should remodel, anyway – to suit yourself and your lifestyle. Kitchen remodeling jobs can work within the existing space and make the square footage more economical. By repurposing the space you already have, you gain efficiency as well as modernization. Streamlined cabinetry with special storage areas, a peninsula or island, and lots and lots of counter space are some of the most common and practical additions. You might also want to make your kitchen bigger, in an effort to make it the main area of your home. Don’t get worried if the project is going to require removal of walls to open up the space. Often, the family room and kitchen are adjoining and can become one big room in the kitchen remodel.

Good lighting is essential, but often forgotten. Include task lighting, mood lighting and ambient light. If you create a spacious, well-lit work area, incorporate an island or peninsula, and have an open space, you’ll not only be able to socialize with family and friends as you work, they’ll be better encouraged to lend a hand.