National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month. And you thought June was reserved for grads, dads and brides. While National Homeownership Month is initially about what builders are doing to help people realize the American Dream of owning their own home, it’s also a great time to take pride in your home by getting started on that remodeling project.

For those seeking to upgrade their American Dream, remember that for most new homes sold, there is an older home placed on the market. If yours is that older home, make it attractive to the potential buyer. Be the best in your category by updating your kitchen, bath or entire first floor. A custom remodeling job can be the deciding factor for a buyer choosing one home over another seemingly comparable one. A kitchen with a bump-out or new breakfast nook, all-new til, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances is much more appealing than trying to make a 1950s retro kitchen work for a family with young children. Or, a new bathroom is a great attraction in an older home. Why? Many obvious reasons, not the least of which is new plumbing in a home that otherwise might need lots of new, high-ticket items because of its age.

For those who just want to be proud of their home, use this month as a motivator to kick start your efforts. Call a custom remodeler. Get a price estimate and some ideas. Get started making the remodeling project your American Dream.