More Than Just the Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen remodel continues to be full of decisions – seems like you’ve chosen everything but the kitchen sink.  Indeed, the kitchen sink is probably the most important decision in your remodeling project.  Your custom remodeler will likely recommend a sink, but your choice is ultimately based on space, your needs, and your preferences.  The kitchen sink is used every day and should be both convenient and durable.

For materials, stainless steel will hold up the best against scratches and nicks, it is easily cleaned and can be mounted under the countertop.  Enamel sinks are sleek looking, but can scratch or get nicked easily, so if you’re hard on your sink, choose a more forgiving material.  If you want a waste disposal in the sink, now is the time to inform your remodeler to be sure your sink choice can accommodate the disposal.

Most custom remodelers will recommend the largest sinks possible for the space – whether that’s a double bowl or oversized sink.  We would also recommend a sprayer as part of the faucet system for easy sink cleaning and convenient rinsing of large pots and pans.  In addition, while a two-handled faucet might be aesthetically pleasing, it is rarely practical.  A single-lever faucet is best in the kitchen because it can be turned on and off with one hand, or even with an elbow, if needed.  A waterfall faucet or fancy gizmo that makes water come out in anything other than a strong stream is probably a mistake for the kitchen.  High water pressure is important, as is ease of use in cleaning and filling the sink.

There are so many choices for everything in your kitchen remodel – including the kitchen sink.