More of What Women Look For…

Still on the subject of the strength of women in the home buying market, while the kitchen may be the number one reason a house sells, the master bathroom has to come in a close second.  Women — who influence 91 percent of new home purchases, according to a February Builder Online real estate article on — look for amenities like deep tubs for kids to take baths, a spa-shower in the master bath, and all the little amenities that make life more relaxing.  These women purchasers may not use all these bells and whistles, but they like to know they exist and that they have access to them.  

If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel, consider how long you’ll be in the house and what you really hope to get out of a remodeling project.  Bathroom remodeling should include the latest fixtures and cabinetry, with an eye toward being luxurious yet functional.  We’re seeing more and more stall showers in the master bathroom, hand-held shower heads, multi-head showers and barrier-free showers with linear drains.  

The kitchen and the bath are the two hottest selling areas of a home.  They can also keep the resident women happy if they are remodeled and up-to-date.