MEDCottage Comes To Town

More and more communities are re-zoning properties and taking into consideration the needs of aging residents.  One thing that is increasing in popularity is modular housing for seniors that provides both independence and access to help. MEDCottage provides a modular unit that offers a living, sleeping and cooking area of about 300 square feet, and it can be put on a caregiver’s property for easy access.  Its “smart” technology provides state-of-the-art communication and monitoring for caregivers, medication reminders, and monitoring of vital signs.

While the MEDCottage concept is ideal for aging parents of the“sandwich generation” by allowing residents to maintain independence and still be close to family and communities, families can also consider working with a custom builder or remodeler to create a separate building on their property.  It can be a garage addition or a home addition.  The separate building, like the MEDCottage, taps into the homeowner’s utilities and is just steps away from the main house.  It can be custom designed to fit the needs of the aging person and the caregiver.  Your custom remodeler can help make it a cozy cottage that will meet everyone’s needs.