Making Remodeling Additions Add Up

Add up, not out, with a second floor addition.  Going up can often make more sense.  Here’s when:  

  • Land — You are limited in the amount of land you have and can’t add anything on the ground floor.  A second floor addition makes a perfect choice, and gives you lots of flexibility.  
  • Layout — Your home layout does not allow for a smooth addition transition on the main floor.  In other words, the addition will look like one.  Add up and make the addition more seamless, blending it into the existing floor plan.  
  • Luxury — You want a grand façade for our home.  Let’s face it: a home is more imposing and has better curb appeal when it has a tall, strong roof line and more than one floor.  The sloping roof, dormer window or just overall second story will give your house a major boost on the “wow” scale.
  • Economy — If you have an attic floor that can be the living area floor, you’ve already got a start on a second floor addition.  You’ll find some cost-savings in this instance, and you can plan your layout accordingly.
  • Privacy — You have a teenager, returning adult child or in-laws who want privacy, yet want to be nearby.  They can be under the same roof, literally, but still maintain that modicum of separation with the right second floor addition.  An outside entrance can seal the deal, because it gives them privacy and you some peace of mind.
  • Practicality — You have a multi-generational family to accommodate.  Elders, children, grandchildren and more – today families are finding it more economical and practical to live under the same roof to be closer together.  The second floor addition provides the opportunity to be together, yet someone can go home at the end of the day!