Luxury Kitchen Remodels

The word “luxury” in a home remodel conjures up images of fluffy towels, expansive flooring, gleaming counter tops that seem to stretch for miles, and the room and freedom to take that deep breath and say, “Ahhhhh!”  Luxury to one person may be a pauper’s renovation to another. 

Here are some luxury kitchen remodelling trends to consider while you’re choosing the basics for your kitchen remodel in cabinetry, appliances and flooring.  These upgrades will really make your kitchen the entertainment centre for family and friends.

luxury kitchen remodel

Industrial Appliances – Wolfe and Viking brand appliances come to mind immediately when we think of luxury kitchens.  Why?  High-end price point and added value for the money.  These appliances are well worth their price tags because they are strong, long-lasting and heavy duty.  Can you cook with a GE oven or a Jenn Air cook top?  Of course, but if you want to radiate luxury when entertaining or you simply love to cook, these high-end appliances are worth the investment.  They feature programmable stoves and ovens, warming drawers, dual convection ovens and double or triple oven space for commercial-grade baking.  Refrigeration units include built-in wine chillers, side-slide in shelves and French door units.

Movable IslandNot only do you get the convenience and extra counter space of an island with this luxury, you can move it to various places in the kitchen.  That is, assuming you have the space to do so.  Movable islands can be just as gorgeous as a fixed unit, although they will be smaller because their portability makes them lighter weight.   Granite counter top, under-counter cabinetry and rolling wheels make it an ideal addition to your new kitchen.  The one drawback:  you sacrifice any amenity that requires electricity or water, such as a grill or broiler or a prep sink.

Audio/Video SystemWhole-house audio has become commonplace, and your luxury kitchen shouldn’t be without it.  Built-in ceiling or wall speakers in the kitchen are ideal for entertaining and for enjoying music during everyday work.  In addition, you can find a number of ways to hide the TV screen behind cabinets, or you can frame it out in the same cabinetry style as the kitchen, making it a focal point of the room.  The ideas are boundless, and the possibilities exciting.

Custom Lighting – All kitchen remodels should have a lighting plan.  Luxury kitchens take it a few steps further.  Overhead lights are most important, and should light the area on their own.  They can be track lighting, spot lighting or canister (recessed) lights.  Add under-cabinet lighting and softer task lighting, and you’ve created a space that’s full of task efficiency, ambience and character.  LED lights are preferable and energy efficient, and putting lights on dimmer switches can help you gain control over the entire lighting scenario.

Sheer SpaceThe expansive kitchen always seems to scream “luxury” and harbour richness.  If you have the space to open up your kitchen to include more floor and counter space, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood.   Creating a great room or a direct sight line to the family room or living area also enhances the kitchen space.  It expands an entertainment area that is normally crowded at best.  Be sure the bigger space has a function, like a desk area, additional cabinetry for storage or a pantry.

Walk-in Pantry and Storage Areas – A well-stocked pantry is every cook’s dream, but when it’s big enough to walk in and you are surrounded on all sides by shelving, hooks or other innovative storage ideas, you have no excuse not to be organized.

Custom Cabinetry and CountertopsToday’s cabinets are available in all sizes and finishes, and counter tops are offered with a variety of edges – from bullnose to scalloped.  The luxury kitchen adds an extra dimension with customized cabinets or millwork and countertops that have a more complicated template.  Darker cherry wood cabinetry is more popular in high-end homes because of the richness it exudes, but if you’re leaning toward lighter colors, light furniture-grade painted surfaces, maple, blond wood or an antiqued finish is also luxurious when used in a monochromatic kitchen.  The addition of hardware handles to doors and drawers can also customize and differentiate the look.  Custom-designed cabinetry allows amazing storage options like pull-out double shelves, large open drawers, built-in spice racks and lazy Susans.  Your customization is limited only by your imagination.

The secret to a luxury kitchen remodel:  a custom design/builder with whom you can exchange ideas to create your dream kitchen. Once your builder and his designer understand your vision, they will help you decide which luxuries are worth the price and which you can do without. Most of all, your builder will make the renovation process painless and, almost, luxurious.  It will be more of a change than you ever dreamed.