Luxury Home Additions

One of the objectives of making upgrades to your home is to make it more luxurious for you. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or family room, you should love it and anticipate the relaxation or convenience the luxury holds for you.  In the master bathroom, remodeling luxuries might include:

  • Rain fall shower heads – Just as they sound, these shower heads are usually installed in pairs and provide the sensation of a rainfall – from light to heavy.  They can soothe and gently massage with adjustable water pressure and the relaxing sound of running water.
  • Frameless glass showers – More spacious, glass showers are becoming the centerpiece of the bathroom.  With frameless glass, the shower enclosure makes the bathroom seem more open, showing off your beautiful tile choices, and the glass itself is easy to clean.
  • Heated towel bars – What’s better than a warm, toasty towel to lock in the warmth of your shower?
  • Heated floors – Installed under the tile, the warming coils of the heated floors emit a gentle heat that warms you from toe to head.  You’ll never step on a cold tile floor again.
  • Soaking tubs – Replace that old bathroom Jacuzzi with a soaking tub that has the ability to totally immerse you in a soothing, hot bath.  They range from rectangular, stand-alone deep tubs to octagonal or round tubs. Both let you sit back and relax.

soaking tub

In other parts of the house, remodeling upgrades that add a little luxury include:

  • Raised ceilings – Higher ceilings make a home seem much more open, spacious and luxurious.  Add a skylight to let in the natural outdoor light.
  • Fire place – This warm and cozy addition can be gas or wood burning.  It can lend a hand in heating the house as well as create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Florida room or sun room – Featuring primarily windows to let the natural light inside, sun rooms are wonderful respites for relaxing in the warmth of the sun all year round, even on wintry afternoons.
  • Outdoor kitchens – More and more home owners are remodeling their homes to add kitchens or notable cooking spaces outdoors.  These can range from a full room to a counter appointed with burners and grilling space.  It’s a matter of blending the outdoor nature with the indoor conveniences.