Luxurious Bathroom Touches

You can have a spa-like experience every day with a few of the most popular luxurious touches added to your bathroom remodel. Professional Remodeler Magazine reported on some popular trends that have bathrooms becoming peaceful sanctuaries for the homeowner who wants a relaxing space.

First, the magazine reports that the color palette of grays, whites and off-whites are taking over the bronze and brown hues of the last ten years. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, use of gray in bathroom remodeling projects has risen from 12 percent to 56 percent in the last three years. Whites and off-whites are used in 71 percent of bathrooms. These colors are prevalent in the fixtures, flooring and countertops. Quartz countertops in shades of gray are popular, with quartz increasing in desirability, second only to granite.

Bathroom flooring includes many choices, but ceramic tile and porcelain tile are still the most popular because of their durability and easy maintenance. They both come in a wide variety of styles and colors, including grays and whites. Designers are recommending monochromatic designs using the same palette throughout the bathroom for a soothing environment. Spa-like showers are also a great amenity. Large or small, the frameless glass shower is taking over the bathroom area. Tubs are either nonexistent or are free-standing soaking tubs for that little bit of luxury. Faucets can also be fancy like the spa – touch-sensitive or water saving. They can add that ambiance that makes you feel pampered every day.