Location Still Big Buying Influence

The old real estate saying, “Location, location, location,” is still key for all categories of homebuyers. First-time buyers look for homes in neighborhoods with children, near schools and parks and convenient to their workplaces. Downsizers look for homes in urban or suburban areas that are convenient to transportation and recreation. Find the right location and you’re set for both current living and for resale. But what if the home isn’t right?

Keep an open mind. The worst house on the best block can become your dream house with a little insight and imagination. Check out the construction of the home. If it is sound and it’s a good buy, it would be a good idea to have a custom remodeler look at it with you. A remodeler, architect or designer can see past the tight floor plan or the lack of storage space. These professionals can make suggestions based on your lifestyle and needs, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. A tiny, closed-in kitchen becomes a cook’s paradise and a family gathering space with a kitchen remodel that might incorporate the bump out of a wall, the opening of a room, and a repurposing of the space. Storage space abounds with the addition of cubbies and a mud room. A formal living/dining room is repurposed to become a first floor master suite and a home originally owned by a family becomes ideal for an empty-nesting couple.

Put location at the top of your list if you’re buying a home. Then put the name of the local custom remodeler next on the list. Consider the home’s price and the remodeler’s estimate, then make your offer accordingly. You won’t be disappointed.