Living Through Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen — one of our reasons hit home for you! Before you get started, look at your schedule and get in sync with your custom remodeler. Ask for a timeline so you can plan ahead! Don’t get caught having to choose your faucet or appliances within 24 hours. A good schedule will start from step one — design — and go all the way through finished construction.

Once the physical kitchen remodel starts, you’ll have to find creative ways to get through each day. Here are a few of our tips:

  1. Be prepared to remove everything if you are replacing the kitchen cabinets. If not, consider removing all your plates and glassware to prevent them from getting dusty during the construction process. Otherwise, you’ll be washing everything before using your new kitchen.
  2. For meals, think EASY. Prepare dishes in advance and refrigerate or freeze them, or scour your local supermarket for prepared foods that require only reheating.
  3. Relocate the old refrigerator, microwave and toaster and use them to store and cook prepared food.
  4. Hang up your dish towel for a while. Buy lots of paper plates, cups and plastic utensils.
  5. Eat out or order in. Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Manassas all offer great options for every budget.
  6. Use your outdoor grill. Meats, Vegetables and potatoes can all be done on the grill.
  7. Plan your first meal in your new kitchen and look forward to the finish date!