Little Leaks That Become Big Disasters

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the bathtubs that fall through the ceiling because they overflow or are leaking, unnoticed, for long periods of time. These stories are not only true, they are costly. If you have a leak from a toilet, sink or tub and are procrastinating fixing it, recall these seemingly far-fetched stories. It could happen to you. A leak rots the floor, which extends to the ceiling of the lower level, rotting it in turn, then eventually the ceiling caves in on your dinner party.

If you’ve had a recent dinner party disaster, or if you simply want to refresh your bathroom to make sure you never encounter this disaster, a bathroom remodel is in order. You can work within the existing space and replace all the fixtures and cabinetry, or you can create a new space that is bigger and allows for more updated amenities. For example, you might consider getting rid of that tub altogether and putting in a curbless shower with frameless glass doors. These design ideas can open up the room, as well as make the bathroom safer. No matter the size of the remodel, choose your fixtures carefully – both from a lifestyle and an aesthetic standpoint. Your custom remodeler will make sure the installation is up to code, and he’ll be sure the pipes are not leaking. Don’t pick cheap fixtures. They will only give you problems in the long run, or they’ll have to be replaced in less time than their more expensive, higher-quality competitors. The cheap fixtures are the ones that will, quite likely, land your bathroom in your dining room during dessert.