Light Up A Room – Naturally

With the warmer weather coming in Manassas, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA, if you can’t be outdoors, try bringing the outdoors inside. One way to lighten up a room naturally is through a skylight. But, you say, aren’t they a lot of trouble? We say, no way! They’re worth it.

If you’re doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, this is an ideal time to add a skylight. This way, it can be installed by your custom remodeler, who will make sure it is properly positioned for maximum light as well as mounted securely. The custom remodeler will work with you to evaluate your roof pitch, decide whether or not the skylight must be accessible for opening, choose glass type and accessories, and select a manual or electronic control option. Then, the custom remodeler or installer will choose the best mounting method based on your geographic location. Skylights can be deck mounted directly to the roof deck, curb mounted to a site-built curb, or pan-flashed, also mounted to a site-built curb. Skylight manufacturers like Velux provide many choices and their products are warrantied for guaranteed satisfaction. Any of the options provide heat and light naturally, so they are considered “green” home additions.

A solar tube is a less expensive way to achieve light in a bathroom when you are remodeling. A cylindrical tube that comes from the roof and lets light in like a small spotlight, the solar tube doesn’t require electricity. It uses reflective material inside the tube and a diffuser on the end of the tube to spread light in the room. Ask your custom remodeler about tax credits in your area for both skylights and solar tubes.

If you’re worried about cleaning and maintenance of your skylight or roof window, check back next week for some tips.