Lifestyle Spaces

One of the biggest home remodeling trends is creating a lifestyle space. Gone are the days when we had a formal living room that housed mom’s crystal vases and was off-limits to children.  Custom remodelers are literally tearing down walls to make more open, airy spaces — spaces designed to fit your personal lifestyle.  For most of us, that’s multi-tasking:  cooking dinner while watching the news while helping with homework.  Or, it’s entertaining guests while serving appetizers while watching the big game on TV. Thus, we’ve discovered the open floor plan of the kitchen, eating area and family room.

Add a lifestyle space that includes the computer and a built-in desk/office area. It’s out in the open so that parents can supervise computer use. The family can interact with each other.  It’s also a home for the family’s electronic gadgetry – from cell phone chargers to iPod docking stations. Some people need an exclusive electronics room.  So, if it fits your lifestyle, go ahead and have your custom remodeler build it!