Let’s Take It Outside – Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor living is becoming more popular. Many homeowners are putting on home additions that are intentionally incorporating the outdoors as part of the room. Not only do these homes have the traditional patios and decks, but they also add another element of living. The spaces are more than gathering spots, they are functional and a transition from the coziness of the indoors to the openness of the outdoors.

Livable outdoor spaces worth mentioning include:

Elevated decks – If there’s no further room for building outward, do what the city dwellers do and build up!  At this Alexandria home, TCB recommended a complement to the patio with an elevated deck.  Surrounding homes were close, but the fenced-in area and raised deck provide both privacy and spaciousness.  By incorporating stone in hues of gray and charcoal, the patio complemented the house, then the stained deck gave it the “wow” factor.  The distressed wood transom pulled the look together by transitioning from the lighter colored stone to the brighter wood, and it added to the feeling of privacy

Hauser & Rowland Stanrich 156

Fireplaces and fire pits – These refer to full-sized stone fireplaces and hearths that boast cozy seating areas and natural elements like stone and wood.  They can be completely separate from the structure of the house, or they can be incorporated into the existing walls. After completing this second story addition in Falls Church, TCB created a two-sided fireplace, allowing for indoor/outdoor use! Adding a patio space with rustic, regal, stone surround and a shade providing overhang completed the look.

fireplace & fire pits falls church

Screened-in porches or seasonal rooms – These are a great addition to a home for three out of four seasons.  They are sun rooms with a purpose, whether they are used as an office, a fitness room or a playroom, these extensions of your home are hard to beat.

Gazebos, pergolas and shelters –The pergola or gazebo can be useful in inclement weather, affording some protection.  They also create a shady spot outdoors either under them or in the shade they cast on your patio.  These are generally part of a larger landscaping project, but if you want a seamless transition with your home, your custom builder can propose some dramatic effects, like TCB did at these homes in Alexandria and Fairfax. In most cases, you’ll need a connecting walkway, especially if you extend your living further from your home.  These can be done with pavers, stone, or cement – whatever helps you make the transition seamless from inside to outside.

Gazebos, pergolas and shelters fairfax & alexandria

home remodeling project completed by tcb in fairfax, va

Bars and party areas –  A built-in bar and grill in the back yard not only makes sense for parties, it is convenient for every-day living. Having a sink and a work space on the patio area saves a lot of hassle when you want to enjoy the weather with friends and family. A built-in stone bar and a grilling space allows you to be with your guests in a natural environment that translates from the inside to the outside in one seamless step.

Updated decks and patios –  Combination patio/decks and stepped or tiered outdoor spaces are the rage now.  After adding a sun-room addition to this home in Oakton,  TCB finished off the project with a wrap-around deck. Natural woods and stones were the foundation of the custom oasis, and each area was designed with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind. Depending on your setting, built-in seats, nearby refreshing water supplies in the form of tubs, miniature pools, reflecting pools and fountains can complete the look.

custom oasis northern virginia

custom remodeler qualities

The message:  The luxury outside your home can be just as stunning as the inside.  Mother Nature invites you to use her home for your most imaginative projects yet!

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