Kitchen Updates for the Faint of Heart

If you start feeling queasy at the thought of remodeling any part of your home, especially the kitchen, I’m here to tell you that this is why design-builders have jobs. We know that it’s a big undertaking to remodel anything, especially a kitchen. However, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. Your family is spending so much time in it, it’s become a way of life. Shouldn’t it be the best, most contemporary room in the house?

Most kitchens are outdated after 20 years. They either have a trendy tile pattern that identifies the era (the retro look of the 1950’s black and white flooring that was popular in the late 90’s), or they are a closed-in, isolated square of cabinets leading to a breakfast nook.


To use space effectively, you need a design-build team that can understand your needs and execute a plan. Whether you have room for a gigantic kitchen or a more modest room, you can update the way your kitchen fits into your home, or fit your home to a new kitchen space and floor plan. Explain to your custom builder what you hope to get from your kitchen. Listen to and read about trends in kitchen use. Today, the kitchen is the central hub of the family – it’s for doing everything from homework to serving a gourmet meal. In addition, it is an open floor plan so that guests can feel comfortable that they are “helping” the cook or hostess, and the hostess can interact with her guests, despite the chaos that comes with preparing a meal. The kitchen can also give way to a family room or sitting area that is conducive to socializing while eating or preparing meals.

Your general contractor and designer team will help you to create a functional floor plan that has enough cabinets, walkways and seating to fit your lifestyle. He or she will work directly with the custom remodeler, and together they will deliver a kitchen that you’ll love for the next 20 years.