Kitchen Mergers

More people are choosing to merge their kitchens with other rooms during a remodel than increase the square footage through an addition. According to a recent survey by the design site Houzz, only one-third of homeowners in the midst of kitchen remodeling are making their kitchens bigger. The majority are creating great rooms or combined open spaces and adding functional features like center islands.

When remodeling your kitchen, evaluate the pros and cons of your existing space. What are your objectives? What are your family’s habits? The open floor plan has many advantages – from making the kitchen area the gathering space of the home to allowing the cook or hostess to mingle with guests while entertaining. Merging your kitchen with a family room can make the entire area look and feel much more spacious, when, in fact, you have not increased square footage. Or, the kitchen area can be expanded into those never-used formal living room and dining room areas to create a space that is larger and functional instead of wasted only “for show.”

Because almost your entire first floor will be viewable from the kitchen and vice versa after a merger, be sure you like the design and the color scheme of the permanent fixtures. The Houzz survey noted that 65 percent of respondents were choosing stainless steel appliances along with white or colored pieces that are incorporated into the cabinetry. In addition, these remodelers were choosing softer, more neutral color palettes. Starting with softer hues makes it easier to pull the entire space together, and splashes of color can serve as accents throughout the space.

Another unifying factor for the merger will be the flooring. Whether you choose to use the same flooring throughout or change to make a line of demarcation, the transition should be smooth and seamless – both aesthetically and physically. Tiles and hard woods are most common for these spaces, and the possibilities are endless. When negotiating a kitchen merger, keeping an open mind can lead to an open space that you’ll never regret.