Kitchen Living

Winners in the Architectural Interiors competition recently showcased in Residential Architect magazine showed kitchens designed as a seamless part of the living space. That is, many new and renovated interiors featured the living space of kitchen, family room, dining area and living area with open space or short walls. The living area was on display from the kitchen and vice versa. Whether it was a San Francisco loft or a Midwestern modern home, the designs support what we’ve seen as a trend for several years: the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it works as part of an open space that is all about how the homeowner lives.

If you’re considering remodeling any of your living space, think about how it will impact the kitchen and the way you live day-to-day. When consulting with a professional builder or remodeler, answer his questions about your family life in the house as honestly as possible. He will be able to help you create a floor plan that is seamless and functional for your lifestyle – whether it involves toddlers, teenagers or empty-nesters. He should be asking you questions not only about what you want and your vision for the finished space, but also about how you live.

Kitchen designs can visually divide a room without physically dividing it with a wall. A long peninsula, for example, can give the illusion of separate rooms, without having to actually wall in the room. Or, cabinetry can mark the boundaries and become a storage area and divider. There are so many options that when you begin to talk to your building professional, you’ll brainstorm solutions together. Most of all, make sure the kitchen is a seamless addition to your home…even you shouldn’t know where the kitchen begins and the rest of the house ends.