Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Save Time and Money by Doing Them Together

For most of us, the opportunity to remodel a kitchen and bath at the same time would be an ideal scenario. With a little patience along with some financial planning, you could end up saving time and money by doing the projects together.

Advantages of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

From a budgeting perspective, there are significant cost savings to taking on your kitchen and bath simultaneously. For every job, your contractor will apply for city permits; protect your floors; set up a trash dumpster and otherwise get ready for the work to begin. At the end of the job, he’ll take it all down and clean everything up. Why not just do that once and save the money?

There are also savings to be had in manpower. The day the painters come, for instance, they can paint all of the rooms instead of coming back multiple times. Same goes for the plumber, the electrician and the tile installer. Paying for a single, longer visit is usually cheaper and always quicker than scheduling several shorter, single-job appearances.

Chances are your contractor will also send you a larger work crew for two rooms than if you were only remodeling one at a time. The workers can transition from one room to the next in a single day, rather than scheduling a new time to complete the work. Therefore, the overall project takes less time than the time it would take to do the two jobs separately.

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Scheduling Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project

Any type of renovation or remodel – no matter how big or small – brings a certain amount of interruption to your life. Grouping your projects into a single job will almost certainly shorten the length of a job compared with having rooms done one by one so your lifestyle will suffer a shorter disruption. And once it’s done, it’s done.

From a scheduling standpoint, if you’ve hired an in-demand contractor (and you should!), his calendar is most likely packed. Getting him to your home for one project requires expert scheduling; getting him back a second time might require a miracle. Hiring the best remodeling contractor your budget will allow is worth the challenges that come with it. It’s better to work at getting on his books for one big project than to hope he’s available twice.

Making Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project a Reality

simultaneous kitchen and bath remodeling projects in Fairfax, VAAs a design-build firm, Thomas Custom Builders can help you come up with the best course of action. We evaluate your remodeling needs to keep you within budget and maximize your results. By following a proven process called value engineering, we can deliver all the custom features you need at a cost that works for your budget.

In the kitchen, we examine why you’re remodeling and what you really need to get out of it. The kitchen needs to reflect your lifestyle. It should accommodate your cooking needs, provide the type of space you need for dining and offer plenty of storage. Its décor should complement your home’s architecture and set the tone for gatherings that happen there.

Bathrooms are a more personal space than kitchens. Whether designing this area for yourself and your family, we want to make sure it fits your needs. We can always value-engineer back, but let’s start by creating the vision. It may seem backward—the opposite of starting small—but at least you incorporate into the design all of the elements you want as opposed to adding them on later.

Whether it be the kitchen and bath remodel – or the rest of the home — our goal is to create a long-term plan allowing you to enjoy the beautiful changes to come.

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