Kitch-IN Built-ins

Custom remodeling projects are just that – customized for the owner’s needs.  Kitchen remodels are highlighting built-in appliances, cabinetry and more.  Your kitchen should be personalized to your family’s needs.  If you’re a gourmet cook, you may choose professional-grade appliances, convenient cabinetry options and easy-access cooking utensils.  If you don’t cook often, but entertain in the kitchen, then the center island and traffic flow are probably more important to you.  

Today’s kitchens are so much more user-friendly than even those of 20 years ago.  New cabinetry offers pull-out drawers that provide easy access to pots, pans and ingredients.  Lazy Susan’s provide practical storage space and even more access to kitchen tools.  Professional grade mixers drop down or pop up from inside the cabinetry, making them easy to use and easy to stow away.  Built-in pantries designed for the way your family lives and eats are a must in any new kitchen.  Pot and pan racks above the island or above the stove are doubling kitchen storage capacity.  

From the outside, the sleek, new kitchen is nearly wall-to-wall cabinets.  Refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers have cabinet fronts, disguising them behind the wood.  In fact, many of the newest refrigerators are “cabinet depth,” so they don’t stick out beyond the countertops.  Ovens are a wall in themselves.  Your custom remodeler will be able to give you ideas on storage, design and practicality that will make your kitchen your very own.