It Takes A Village to Age in Place

With more Americans wanting to stay in their own homes and their own communities as they age, residents are looking for ways to create their own so-called “retirement villages.”  Rather than actually moving, residents get together to form a group called a village, where they pay an annual fee for various services that are provided by either younger neighbors, youth groups or willing people in the area.  According to an article in the AARP Magazine, there are more than 56 villages in the United States, and another 120 in development.  There is even an organization called Village to Village Network that provides information and support for villages.

It’s one way to help people age in place and remain in their communities, where they have a strong support network of friends and family.  Services may include transportation, yard work, or handy man work.  Often word-of-mouth, the service providers may provide discounts to members or simply be a trusted resource for the village.  Services like custom remodeling are valuable in these villages as people look for ways to make their current homes more livable for aging.  In a recent AARP survey of 1,616 adults age 45 or older, eight out of ten people said their current home had a full bath and a bedroom on the main level – an important feature for aging residents.  However, fewer than half of those surveyed said their current homes had a half bath on the main level, an entrance without steps or lever door handles vs. knobs.  Custom remodelers can help make these modifications now so that as homeowners age, it is easier to stay in the community you know and love.