In Remodeling, Timing is Every Thing

Improving economy, increasing consumer confidence, warmer weather and open space on contractor calendars – this is the time of year when the stars align, so to speak, in the remodeling industry. It’s a great time to get started for summer and fall projects. Any remodeling project takes time. A realistic time frame depends on the scope of the project and can be estimated by your remodeling professional, but suffice it to say that three to six months is a minimum.

Remodeling calendars traditionally begin to fill up as soon as the first signs of spring come alive. Once that happens, the best contractors get snapped up quickly. In every job situation, it takes time to get an estimate, commit to the builder, get a slot on his calendar, order the materials and get the subcontractors scheduled. Waiting until May or June simply increases the time it takes to get an estimate and the ability to get a date for the project. As the industry gets busier, it takes more time to get materials, so the jobs take longer. Invariably, inflation occurs around this time and you pay more for materials because the demand is there.

What’s the moral of this little economic lesson in remodeling? Now is the time to act if you have any intention of undertaking a kitchen remodeling job, a bathroom remodeling project or a first floor addition or sun room remodel. If you want it this year, contact your professional remodeling contractor today. Take advantage of the alignment of the stars.