Improving Curb Appeal

That elusive term that realtors use – Curb Appeal – can mean many things. Most importantly, it’s what makes people look at your home. It’s the first impression. Even if you’re not selling your home, curb appeal shows pride of ownership. So, if you live in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington or Manassas, decide what exterior remodeling will improve your curb appeal. Functional improvements can also be aesthetic improvements. New siding freshens up the outside of a home. New windows make your home more energy efficient. If you are replacing the exterior siding, you can use new construction windows – these are more appealing than replacement windows, because the glass size is larger. A new front door can change the entire look of the entry way, plus keep out the harsh elements. Any roof work not only prevents leaking, it also makes the home look newer.

You can realize some economy of scale by doing some of these things at the same time. A custom remodeler is likely able to give you a better price if several tradesmen are rolling through your home at the same time or on the heels of one another. The remodeler can coordinate the team and the work and have the projects done in no time. That makes curb appeal even more appealing.