If Upgrade = Expense, then Standard = OK?

Do you really get what you pay for? Are upgrades in a bathroom remodel or addition a worthwhile expense? Yes and yes.

Before you just say, “Forget the bathroom, now I can’t afford it!” or “I know the builder is going to try to sell me all kinds of expensive upgrades,” talk to your builder or remodeler. Be realistic. If you want to go inexpensive or have a specific budget in mind, he will quote a cost-effective plan for you that includes minimal allowances. But, you have to be willing to shop hard to find the best product for the best price. Otherwise, you’ll go over budget and be left wondering how that happened. Or, your builder may tell you flat out that it can’t be done within the budget you’ve requested. Allow some flexibility.

If you prefer higher grade amenities, you need to say so. Describe the look you are envisioning, and your remodeler can tell you the ballpark costs. Your allowance for these items will reflect this discussion. If your vision changes in the middle of the project, so will the budget. An efficient remodeler flags any overages for you before the money is spent.

The cost vs. value survey showed that people are willing to pay for the better amenities when remodeling an upscale bathroom. This could happen for many reasons, not the least of which is the luxury of quality fixtures. Supposedly, you will only remodel once, so get the best amenities that you can afford. In the long run, you do get what you pay for.