I Would Have Never Known It Was an Addition!

When you decide to do a home addition, one question you should ask yourself and your custom remodeler is how the addition will blend into the existing structure.  After all, who wants a house with a wart?  This is where professional design is a plus.  The addition should be harmonious with the rest of the home.  Whether that means the same design or a completely different but complementary look, you should be satisfied that no one will ever say, “I see where the new addition starts.”

Good design always trumps expensive materials.  You can choose top-of-the-line granite and flooring for your new kitchen remodel, but if the finished product looks like a disjointed room from the rest of the house, you’ve wasted your money.  The construction designer should be recommending ways to blend the addition with the existing structure, whether that means transitions with flooring or similar trim or windows to the rest of the home.  Your custom remodeler should offer ways to have the old “flow” into the new, so that the update looks natural.  Regardless of the job, “new and improved” should still not look like an add-on.